Client Success Stories

For almost three decades, Reliable Background Screening has been protecting organizations, their assets, brand, management, and employees, with quality service second to none in the industry. Our clients value their privacy and confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of the services we provide them. Below, you will read how we have been able to help them – If you wish to speak to our clients directly and learn firsthand about their experience with Reliable Background Screening, just let us know and we will put you in touch with them. 

A National Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

For more than a decade, the founder and CEO of a national professional employer organization (PEO), has been using our background screening services to screen thousands of his own and his clients’ employees. As a national outsourcing solutions company for all things human resources (including payroll and employee benefits) they are dedicated to growing their clients’ businesses by keeping an eye on their most important resource: their employees.

When selecting employees, the PEO has to consider the needs of their clients as well as the reputation of their own human resources services company, and they trust Reliable Background Screening with both. The company had used other employee background screening companies in the past, and they tell us that no other company comes close to the quality of work we provide and the excellent customer service we offer.

Chris K.
Founder & CEO

“Each time I hire Reliable Background Screening, I know they will do a great job uncovering any criminal history that might represent a risk.

These guys are thorough, fast, and they are very knowledgeable in all laws related to background checks – With Reliable Background Screening, I know I’m in compliance, and I’m confident I will hire the right people.“

National Food Service Franchise

Franchisors, throughout the franchise industry, receive thousands of applications from would-be franchisees, every year. Often, the information about the candidates contains discrepancies and inaccuracies either intentionally or due to mistakes in data entry. The wrong information could compromise background check results, or worse – it could put the franchise brand at financial and legal risk. Our standards for screening, and the quality control processes we have in place, bring these discrepancies to light, and prompt us to go back and dig even deeper to reveal information that otherwise would have been missed.

Our food service franchise client is very grateful when we find these omissions, and they tell us frequently that our screening helps them eliminate applicants that could be detrimental to their success.

Tom A.
Director Of Franchise Development

“Franchisee screening is very easy for us due to the online system provided by Reliable Background Screening.

They are thorough in their quality control, and they inform us of any discrepancies in our data entry.”

Private Country Club

To safeguard their current members, this private country club chose us because they needed a quick and efficient solution to screen potential new members. They engaged Reliable Background Screening and we designed a screening process and criteria based on their specific needs and guidelines. Furthermore, we put in place an online form for potential members to fill out as part of their application process.

Now the club and its members have a tool that provides everything they asked for to make sure only qualified individuals are accepted, and the screening is done fast, discreetly, and affordably.

Lisa W.
Director Of Member Services

“As Director of Member Services, I feel more comfortable knowing that our members are safe, and potential risks have been mitigated.” 

Property Management Company

Apartment complex managers are very busy with taking care of resident and tenant issues and many other interruptions. They sometimes make mistakes when entering a potential resident or tenant’s information into their system. When conducting background checks, any erroneous information they entered is passed through, which could result in errors potentially compromising the background check results.

Reliable Background Screening applies a very thorough quality control in our background checks and we often call and email our clients to ask questions or verify information to uncover inaccuracies and human errors. By re-checking and re-running searches, we reveal information most other background screening companies miss, and we hear this from many of our clients, who often call us their “eye in the sky”.

Samantha D.
Property Manager

“Reliable Background Screening is our ‘eye in the sky’, and we have trusted them to screen all of our potential residents for over 20 years.“ 

Large School District In Arizona

Schools must be extra diligent about whom they allow on their campuses, and whom they allow to come in contact with the children under their care. Since 2007, one of the largest school districts in Arizona has trusted Reliable Background Screening – exclusively – to conduct background checks on all of their employees, which number in the thousands. School district officials told us they were dissatisfied with the previous background screening provider they were using, and that they decided to engage us based on our reputation and recommendations from other clients. The administrators tell us that they like our attention to details, our fast service, and the fact that they can easily get us on the phone when they need to speak with us.

Anne G.
HR Director

“We can’t be too careful when it comes to our kids’ safety. We wanted the best screening possible, and Reliable was the one others recommended.” 

Regional Plumbing Company

A very well-known plumbing company in the western US has been using our background screening services for a number of years and are very satisfied. Plumbing companies must trust their employees with valuable tools, equipment, and parts; and absolutely must feel comfortable and confident when sending them to their customers’ homes and places of business.

The company shared with us an interesting incident regarding a recent job applicant we screened for them. During our background check, Reliable Background Screening found that the applicant had a criminal record, which he failed to disclose on his application or during the interview process.

When the candidate was asked why he hadn’t disclosed the information, he replied “I have been screened many times in the past by other employers, and it never showed… so I didn’t see a reason to bring it up…” Needless to say, the plumbing company was delighted and impressed with what we were able to reveal.

Reliable Background Screening checks go back at least seven years (which is the industry’s ‘best practice’), and often even more. We find information that others in the industry often don’t, because we have the experience and the processes in place that deliver superior, unparalleled protection to our clients.

Lou A.

“I can’t imagine hiring anyone without a full background check from Reliable. The risk for my customers and my business would be just way too high and I don’t like to take chances!” 

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